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Reach your Health Care Professional Anytime, Anywhere with Any format

Whether you are launching new products, increasing sales of existing products or repositioning established ones, Elsevier article reprints provide an exclusive and unique way for you to promote your brand building on the strengths of our multi-media programs.
Multi-Copy Prints

For promotional use, our peer-reviewed articles provide the latest information for healthcare professionals.


Ideal for use at major conventions and as a leave-behinds, these business card-sized cards showcase the article and provide an exclusive link to the article with just one click. A PDF is also readily accessible.

QR Codes

Turns print into an engaging interactive multimedia experience via the mobile phone and makes print more relevant to digital users.

Flash Prints

Use this digital option to post on your website, which opens in another browser window with interactive controls.


Another option for websites and email blasts, these links bring your reprints to life with an interactive multimedia edition of your journal branded article. Click to open a highly interactive, engaging article with page flips, bookmarking and video options including Key Opinion Leader discussions.

Mobile/Tablet/IPAD E-Print

Use this digital option for email blasts or for use on mobile and tablet devices. Internet access is not required after the first download. Available for iPads!