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Reach healthcare professionals around the world through high-­quality article reprints from trusted journals

Whether you are launching a new product, trying to increase sales of existing products or repositioning established ones, Elsevier article reprints and permission services provide an exclusive and distinctive way to promote your brand.

Peer-reviewed scientific and medical articles are in global demand: 90% of physicians say reprints are useful for their practice and a reliable source of information.*

*According to Elsevier 2019 Panel Research of 1,242 physicians from around the world.

Quality. Credibility. Flexibility. Timeliness.

Elsevier reprints are:

  • High-quality: Every article reprint carries the same prestige, authority and quality of the original publication.
  • Credible: Elsevier is a trusted brand. Researchers, scientists and clinicians, all trust Elsevier content to be authoritative, authentic and reliable. Our top-tier medical journals represent over one-hundred years of excellence.
  • Flexible: 45% of physicians strongly prefer downloadable PDF reprints. Choose from a range of print or digital options for copyrighted content reprints, so you can reach your audience with content in the format they prefer.
  • Timely: Whether you would like your reprint available via print or digitally, leverage Elsevier's expedited production times to access your reprint quickly!
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Resources and research reports


Beyond Reprint Brochure

With an Elsevier eReprint, you are helping physicians stay up-to-date with the latest developments, enabling them to care for their patients. Explore your full range of options.


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Article reprints from Elsevier’s journals are an excellent way to inform your audience and reinforce your product message. Check out the Elsevier eReprint Demo.


Reprint Research Resources

Elsevier asked 1,242 physicians around the world to share their experiences of using reprints. Download the infographic and survey report.